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New York, 10 November 2011

His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations,
His Excellency Ambassador Jean-David Lévitte, Diplomatic Advisor to the French Presidency,
Her Excellency Ambassador Lourdes Aranda, Mexican Sherpa for the G-20,
Distinguished delegates,
Ladies and gentlemen,

As I have said before on numerous occasions, the General Assembly must lead the consolidation of a united global partnership.

A partnership based on open dialogue and close collaboration.

Capable of tackling the global challenges of our time.

I have also said that the Group of 20 is an important player in this partnership, and that I intend to build on the General Assembly’s work to improve the complementarity and mutual reinforcement between its deliberations and those of the G-20.
Therefore, I am delighted that you are here today to discuss the outcome of the Cannes Summit, only two weeks after our last meeting on this issue.

Your presence here today and your active engagement in our discussion is evidence of the relevance and the vitality of our partnership.

I would like to congratulate the members of the Group of 20 for a fruitful summit.

Its final communiqué bears many important messages and commitments.

It is very important that there is general agreement on the seriousness of the economic and financial crisis and the gravity of its social impact if we do not respond to it collectively.

It is also positive that members of the G-20 have committed to closely coordinate their actions and policies to address the immediate common challenges faced by the global economy, in particular youth unemployment, financial sector reform and avoiding trade protectionism.

I was especially pleased with the acknowledgment by the summit that economic shocks disproportionately affect the most vulnerable.
And the acknowledgement of the pivotal role played by ODA and South-South cooperation in enabling the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals.

Finally, I welcome, of course, the G-20’s expressed intention to pursue consistent and effective engagement with the UN and other partners.

I encourage the members of that Group to follow through with these commitments without delay. The gravity of these challenges requires immediate collective action.

Thank you.


* * *