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New York, 10 February 2012


I thank you all for actively participating in this discussion and sharing your valuable ideas and thoughts.

I am encouraged to note the overwhelming support to this initiative and to find much convergence in the views expressed today.

I consider that difference of opinion is an essence of progress and much progress has been achieved in support of this initiative today.

This consolidates our collective aspiration, which is also supported by the General Assembly’s long standing mandate on the need to review and take stock of internal working methods of the Fifth Committee.

Most importantly, this fruitful discussion we had today, I believe, will help further improving the atmosphere of mutual trust and promote the spirit of cooperative multilateralism.

Your inputs have provided critical guidance and the basis for taking this initiative to its next step.

Many of you alluded to very vital issues, and made constructive recommendations and observations today. For instance, you mentioned observing the Committee timeframe for the conclusion of its work; the efficient and effective utilization of resources; enhancing transparency, and the follow up and implementation of the Committee’s decisions and resolutions.  

Delegations stressed the importance of the Secretariat providing quality services to the Committee including the provision of timely and up-to-date information and reports. Delegations underlined the usefulness of working informally and in good faith towards facilitating broadest possible agreements, while respecting the diversity of positions and maintaining a better strategic approach on items under the Committee’s agenda.

In this regard I am pleased to announce that I will organize a retreat on 13-14 April to discuss further this issue in a frank and open manner. Major Groups and interested delegations would b invited to this retreat.

I believe that these informal discussions will contribute positively to an intergovernmental deliberation situated in the framework of the Fifth Committee.

I look forward to your active participation and continuous constructive engagement.

Once again, I assure you of my commitment and availability in facilitating this discussion in an informal, open and inclusive manner.

Thank you.