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New York, 27 June 2012


Distinguished delegates, 
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to thank the Secretary-General, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Canada, ambassadors, distinguished panelists and participants, for your contributions and active engagement in this informative debate.

I wish to extend my special thanks to our colleagues in CTITF and UNICRI for their support in organizing this event.

Our discussions today have been comprehensive and enlightening. We have together underscored the critical importance of promoting dialogue and understanding between communities, and to prevent terrorism by countering its appeal in every part of the world.

Member States have repeatedly underscored that terrorism and extremism cannot be associated with any specific race, religion, nationality or ethnicity. Similarly, tolerance and respect for diversity is a virtue for every individual, every community and every nation, wherever they may be.

To cultivate societies that are resilient to hate and violence, we have to find ways to promote collaboration, engagement and a spirit of cohabitation between all communities. This event today has contributed greatly towards identifying some concrete methods to do so. I thank you all for your valuable statements, ideas and support to this important topic.

Participants today stressed on the importance of universal role of education and in general the need for rehabilitation. We have also looked at the need to introduce reforms in prison systems to ensure that prisons do not become hotbeds of radicalization.

The collection and sharing of best practices to stop and prevent incitement of hatred, terrorism, and to promote community engagements were particularly highlighted by participants today. Participants also noted that these practices need to be implemented effectively, consistently and equitably across communities in order to be fruitful. The role of victims of terrorism in countering the appeal of terrorism, and the need for States to support them, was once again voiced by participants here. Needless to say, the protection and promotion of human rights and the rule of law is an integral element of any national effort to prevent terrorism. These are some of the key ideas that this event brought forward, and I thank participants for these efforts.

We have a number of institutions within the United Nations system that Member States can benefit from in this effort. The CTITF is a particularly useful platform that links the worth of dialogue and understanding to the broader struggle against terrorism.

In this regard, the UN Alliance of Civilizations can play an important role to enhance dialogue and mutual understanding among people.

We have heard today from several United Nations organs and their respective activities. I urge all States to consider taking advantage of these activities, in order to make a difference on the ground.

I thank you again for your participation and for making this event a success.

Thank you.