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New York, 2 August 2012

President of the General Assembly regrets the resignation of the Joint Special Envoy, Mr. Kofi Annan

The President of the General Assembly, H.E. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser wishes to express his regrets at the resignation of Mr. Kofi Annan, the UN-League of Arab States Joint Special Envoy for Syria. At the same time, he understands how difficult his task has been.

President Al-Nasser would like to commend the relentless efforts that the Joint Special Envoy has undertaken in the past five months to fulfill the mandate provided to him by the UN General Assembly Resolution A/Res/66/253 of 16 February, 2012. Mr. Annan’s well-known experience, wisdom, and world wide credibility were invaluable assets in his difficult mission.

Regrettably, reports of atrocities and human rights violations that amount to crimes against humanity committed by the Syrian Government against their own people are occurring on daily basis.

President Al-Nasser wishes to re-iterate his call on the international community to fully unite to put an end to the violence and find a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis.

The President of the General Assembly re-affirms the role of the UN General Assembly in the maintenance of international peace and security in accordance with the UN Charter and the provision of the necessary assistance to the people of Syria as well as finding an all-inclusive and peaceful solution to the crisis. To this end, he urges Member States to support further actions by the UN General Assembly.



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