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New York, 11 August 2011

It was a pleasure for me to welcome the more than 500 young people from around the world who participated in the United Nations High-level Meeting on Youth, which opened on Monday 25 July 2011 in New York. I would like to thank them all as well as the more than 100 youth-led organizations which made important contributions to the outcome of the High-level Meeting, in particular by calling for more inclusive citizenship and strengthened partnerships with youth to jointly address the serious difficulties young people face.

Member States adopted by consensus the outcome document of the High-level Meeting (A/65/L.87), which calls for the creation of a global strategy on youth employment to anticipate and offset “the negative social and economic consequences of globalization and to maximize its benefits for young people”. The outcome document mentions some 17 areas of action on youth issues, including specific measures to advance inclusive job creation, skills development and vocational training designed for specific labour market needs. The text also calls for strengthening educational opportunities, promoting human rights knowledge among youth, and encouraging dialogue for mutual understanding. Governments are also urged to support the capacity of youth-led organizations so that they can participate in national and international development activities.

The pledges made in the outcome document were reiterated during the thematic panel discussions held on the first day of the High-level Meeting. During these discussions, participants highlighted the need for international cooperation to allow greater youth development, in particular ways to support the eradication of poverty, full employment and social integration of youth. For example, participants were reminded to better integrate youth issues in national development agendas, help strengthen national youth institutions and organizations of young people, and promote efforts to enhance inclusion and the effective participation of youth.

I call on the Member States to follow up on the outcome document and, in so doing, to strengthen the dialogue and partnerships with the youth and youth-led organizations. The High-level meeting made a clear demonstration of how precious the inputs of the youth are. I thank you all for your participation and contribution to the success of the meeting.



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