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New York, 22 September 2010

"We will do more to achieve the Millennium Development Goals"
–– Joseph Deiss

Heads of State and Government,
Mr. Secretary-General,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our high-level meeting is coming to an end.
By adopting the final document we have reaffirmed that  keeping the promise made in the year 2000 and achieving the Millennium Development Goals is a moral duty.  It is an essential contribution to global peace, security and prosperity.  We are determined to do our duty.

The message is clear for all of you, I have heard it from all of you.

I salute the many new proposals and commitments that were made during our debate, commitments to increase official development assistance, to develop innovative financing and in particular to mobilize domestic resources.

But financial resources alone do not make the difference.  It is important that policies implemented at the international and national level promote development, through opening of markets, improving governance and giving priority in national budgets to public spending to promote the Millennium Development Goals.
What matters now is that our words must be followed by action with concrete results for the millions of men, women and children living in poverty.

We will have to monitor the implementation of our commitments very closely.  The annual reports of the Secretary-General will allow us to measure the results.  The General Assembly will play a role, in particular through a special event in 2013.

This is how we will show that we are trustworthy partners, credible and responsible.  This is essential.  I said so in my statement at the opening of this plenary meeting.  If we want to succeed, we must work together.  Both the commitment of donors and of recipients is needed, as an authentic partnership.  This partnership should extend to civil society and the private sector.

In that regard, I am impressed by the strong commitment of civil society and private sector partners to the Millennium Development Goals.  Over 150 events have been held here in New York by partners.  A broad range of questions fundamental to development have been addressed.  This profusion of events facilitated the exchange of lessons learned and good practices and strengthened partnerships.  We are stronger as we continue.

Formation of partnerships between the public sector and the private sector is a powerful tool for development.  The roles of both these actors are complementary.  Governments should establish the conditions that allow the private sector to innovate, invest and create jobs.  That is the condition for lasting success.  It is heartening to note that today, companies are exploring innovative models that better meet the needs of the poor.

This afternoon I attended the launch of one example of a broad partnership, the global strategy for women's and children's health "Every woman, every child".  At the initiative of the Secretary-General, the global strategy unites around the same goal not only the 192 United Nations Member States, but also representatives of civil society, the private sector and foundations.  Such initiatives are encouraging.  I take this opportunity to thank all those who have made a commitment to the Millennium Development Goals and I hope that others will follow their example.

We have five years to prove our determination.  But if we want to consolidate our progress, we must make a greater investment in disaster prevention and risk reductionAn earthquake in Haiti, forest fires in Russia, floods in Pakistan -- unfortunately the list is not exhaustive, but this year the enormous human, social, economic and environmental cost of natural disasters has been demonstrated far too often.

Real success will only be achieved if development is sustainable, and if our economic structures are respectful of humanity and its environment.

Heads of State and Government,
Mr. Secretary-General,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

After three days of debate, I remain optimistic -- we will achieve the Millennium Development Goals.  I am counting on you.

[Translated from French]

* * *