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Peacebuilding Commission Review


In accordance with paragraphs 27 of resolutions A/RES/60/180 and S/RES/1645(2005), which operationalized the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC), a review process was set out for five years after its establishment. The Permanent Representatives of Ireland, Mexico and South Africa, co-facilitators of the review process, presented their report entitled “Review of the United Nations peacebuilding architecture” (A/64/868), which came out in July 2010. Taking stock on the five years of work of the Peacebuilding Commission, the report contains several recommendations regarding the improvement of its activities. Recommendations range from role and performance of the Peacebuilding Organizational Committee and of the country specific configurations to the improvement of the relationship of the PBC with the main bodies of the United Nations.

On November 29 2010, the General Assembly consensually approved the resolution A/RES/65/7, entitled “Review of the United Nations peacebuilding architecture” submitted by the President of the General Assembly. The resolution, inter alia, welcomes the report presented by the facilitators and “requests all United Nations actors to take forward, within their mandates and as appropriate, the recommendations contained in the report with the aim of further improving the effectiveness of the Peacebuilding Commission”.

According to paragraph 4(e) of Resolution A/RES/60/180, on 22 December, the General Assembly held elections for five members of the Peacebuilding Organizational Committee coming from the GA membership to serve for a two-year mandate. Benin, Brazil, Indonesia, Tunisia and Uruguay were elected and will compose, together with Czech Republic and Peru, the PBC Organizational Committee, starting January 2011.

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