Administrative and Budgetary Committee (Fifth Committee)

Membership of the 68th session

The official Membership of the Fifth Committee listing all the names provided of representatives from the participating delegations during the main part of the 68th session of the General Assembly is available in English and French under symbol A/C.5/68/INF/1.

Updated versions for the first and second resumed parts of the session are available under symbol A/C.5/68/INF/1/REV.1 and A/C.5/68/INF/1/REV.2, respectively.

Delegations are kindly requested to send the official submissions of their representatives, aleternate representatives and advisers in writing by note verbales or using form A/INF/68/2 to the Committee Secretary, Room S-3241, facsimile (212) 963-0360.

Please note that only scanned copies of notes verbales or form A/INF/68/2 will be accepted by e-mail.

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