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H.E. Ms. Simona Miculescu
Permanent Representative

22 September 2011

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Statement Summary

SIMONA MIRELA MICULESCU (Romania), speaking on behalf of the Group of Eastern European States, said the international community’s pledged commitment to combat racism could only be successful through concerted action at all levels. To that end, although some Member States of the Group were not participating in today’s meeting, they all remained determined supporters of the global fight against racism, racial discrimination and related intolerance, at all levels, in their respective societies and communities.

While much had been achieved over the past decade, much remained to be done she said, adding: “Action is needed now, since, in spite of our rhetoric and all our good intentions, many regrettably continue to be victims of racism.” All States should, therefore, stay committed and alert in addressing and pre-empting all acts of racism, incitement to violence, hatred and segregation, she continued. “We have the means; we only need to seize the momentum,” she said. All efforts must be guided by full respect for all fundamental freedoms, in line with international human rights law.

In that regard, she continued, it was necessary to press for full ratification and implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. Pointing out the key role played by the United Nations, including its Human Rights Council and the Special Rapporteur on the issue, she urged continued and enhanced engagement with civil society, saying its contributions would be essential to enhancing the fight against racism and discrimination “from the ground up”. Many challenges remained and new obstacles were emerging, she noted, emphasizing that the Eastern European States were nevertheless certain that “everything can be overcome in the light of reason”.

Source: GA/11149

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