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Opening of the 39th Session of the Committee on Information, 24 April 2017

The Chair of the COI, Jan Kickert (centre left), addresses the opening meeting of the committee’s 39th session. He is flanked by Maher Nasser (left), Acting Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications and Head of the Department of Public Information; and COI Secretary Ramu Damodaran. UN Photo/Manuel Elias

39th Session

The 39th session of the Committee on Information (COI), held at UN Headquarters in New York, opened on Monday 24 April and will close on5 May 2017 | See the Provisional Agenda (A/AC.198/2017/1) PDF



The Committee on Information is a subsidiary body of the General Assembly, established by the General Assembly to deal with questions relating to public information.

It is responsible for overseeing the work of the Department of Public Information and for providing it with guidance on policies, programmes and activities of the Department.







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