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29th Session (2007)

General Debate: Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Statement by Mr. Yun Yong Il, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to the United Nations (30 April 2007)

Mr. Chairman,

First of all, allow me to extend my congratulation to you on your election as the Chairman of the Committee on Information.

The delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, considers that the 29th session of the Committee on Information should direct a special attention to the followings and take immediate measures, in view of the important role of information activities in achieving the peace, security and sustainable development of the world.

First, it should deal with the establishment of new and just international information order as a priority issue.

Today, the information is being used by some specific countries as a means for interference in the internal affairs and subversion of socio-political system of other countries.

These countries spread their "democratic value" and life style, and create social disorder and anti-government atmosphere, whereby giving rise to overturn of system in other countries, by dint of their technical superiority in the information.

One of the typical examples is the "Radio Free" of the Super Power, which targets mainly developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The US "Radio Free Asia" slanders the socio-political system of specific Asian countries including the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, broadcasting in their national languages.

The US, in particular, allocated 2 million US$ to the "Radio Free Asia" in fiscal year of 1998 to extend its program against our Republic and decided to increase the expenditure in its federal budget of 2008 in order to further extend broadcasting hour and start a medium wave broadcasting in addition to the ongoing short wave one.

And the US continues all sorts of propaganda against other countries disobedient to it through various mass media including "Radio Marti".

This is indeed an open war of information and psychology against other countries, thereby arousing serious international problems.

It is a wanton violation of the principle of the UN Charter on the respect for sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs of other countries. If it is left unchecked, the world could be faced with disorder and chaos, and the building of peaceful and prosperous world could remain as dream of the humankind.

Therefore, the Committee on Information should focus on the discussion on establishing of the new and just international information order in this session and bring about a result.

Secondly, it should take effective measures to enhance the information and communication capacity of developing countries.

The disparity between the developed and developing countries in information and communication is widening further more, and the developing countries continue to remain in the margin of information.

Therefore it is important to provide more opportunity to developing countries by enhancing their information and communication capacity so that they can have active access to information activities.

To this end, the UN should considerably strengthen the on-going training program for broadcasters, journalists and experts so that more people could get benefit therefrom. And measures should be taken for transferring advanced technology as well as providing funds for improving the information infrastructure of developing countries.

And it should conduct its information activities to help the developing countries solve their economic and social problem and achieve sustainable development.

In conclusion, the delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea hopes that this session could be a good opportunity to bring about a turning point for fair development of international information activities.

Thank you.

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