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27th Session (2005)

General Debate: Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Statement by Mr. Song Se Il, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to the United Nations (19 April 2005)

Mr. Chairman,

First of all, in the name of the delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, I would like to appreciate your active and sincere efforts for the success of the 27th session of the UN Committee on Information.

The position and role of information is very important in the UN activities for the world peace and security, the achievement of Millenium Development Goals and etc.

However, the real situation of international information shows that its performance of the mission and contribution to the progress and prosperity of human society are not yet satisfactory. It is mainly due to that some countries with high technology of information pursue the wrong political purpose in the course of establishment and implementation of their information policy. Throughout the world, information often fails in its intrinsic duty and is misused for infringement of sovereignty and interest as well as ideological and cultural penetration against other countries.

Some countries use without hesitation the latest information and communication facilities for reconnaissance to realize the armed invasion upon other countries, abusing their "predominant position" and "exclusive privileges" in the field of information technology.

Mr. Chairman,

The delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea takes this opportunity to make mention of some issues of principle for developing the UN activities of information, in conformity with its mission.

Firstly, everyone should thoroughly observe the principles of sovereignty respect, noninterference in others' internal affairs, impartiality and objectivity in information activities of the country.

High technology and facilities of information and communication should not be misused for the propagation of canard faked in accordance with anyone's interest, the imposition of its ideological and cultural value upon others, the interference in internal affairs of other countries.

It is very important that the countries with high technology of information have political will of sincere contribution to the world peace, friendship among countries and common prosperity of humankind. In the meantime, the United Nations and international community should guard against and reject all kinds of information activities opposed to the principles of impartiality and objectivity.

Secondly, it is essential to eliminate the information technical distinctions between the developed and developing countries and to establish the fair international information order.

The above mentioned distinctions are one of the main reasons of unfulfilled information's mission. Those distinctions cause a tragedy in the field of information which shows that one inposes its interest upon other and the latter is obliged itself to tolerate the former's imposition, even meeting with loss.

In order to establish the fair international information system, the developed countries should not use their advanced information technology only for seeking commercial profit. It is necessary to strengthen the technical, material and financial assistance of the developed countries to the capacity building and bettering of information in developing countries, so as to create actual conditions for eliminating the technical distinctions in the field of information.

Thirdly, the United Nations should heighten the role of information in its activities to achieve the Millenium Development Goals and other relevant issues concerning development so that the practical and substantive success could be produced.

In particular, it is needed to organize a lot of information activities helpful to the sustainable development and poverty elimination in developing countries and to make measures for successful implementation of those activities.

Mr. Chairman,

The delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea believes 27th session of the UN Committee on Information to be a good opportunity for strengthening and development of the UN information activities.

I thank you.

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