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2011 High Level Meeting on AIDS
General Assembly, UN, New York, 8-10 June 2011

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Statements and Webcast

Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
H.E. Mr. Rafael Archondo, Permanent Representative


10 June 2011

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Statement Summary

RAFAEL ARCHONDO ( Bolivia) said that, despite his country having a low prevalence of HIV, fighting the HIV/AIDS scourge was one of its major priorities. The Ministry of Health had a national HIV/AIDS plan in place aimed at achieving the Millennium Development Goals, especially Goal 6. The clear demonstration of the Government’s commitment in that regard had been the enactment of a law to prevent AIDS, which underscored respect for the human rights of those affected, and emphasized a holistic approach to health care, without discrimination or stigmatization. However, discrimination persisted in communications, in the working world, and in the media.

He said there were nine departmental centres and three regional centres in place responsible for prevention and control of the disease, and a massive public awareness campaign under way to help prevent and fight HIV/AIDS. With a view to detecting HIV at early stages, the national programme hoped to improve diagnosis and strengthen treatment for all, especially HIV-positive pregnant women. It was very important to take bold decisions in order to radically transform responses to AIDS, and it was key that medication be made available and accessible, and that obstacles to intellectual property not impede the defence of life. Health-care centres must be able to bring down the walls of discrimination, and be open and friendly to all. Furthermore, the international community must not act on behalf of young people, only, but “with” them.

Source: GA/11093