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I. Organizational, administrative and other matters

Follow-up to the outcome of the Millennium Summit

At its fifty-third session, in 1998, the General Assembly decided to designate its fifty-fifth session “The Millennium Assembly of the United Nations” and decided to convene as part of that Assembly a Millennium Summit of the United Nations for a limited number of days (resolution 53/202).

At its fifty-fifth session, the General Assembly adopted the United Nations Millennium Declaration (resolution 55/2).

The item entitled “Follow-up to the outcome of the Millennium Summit” was included as an additional item in the agenda of the fifty-fifth session of the General Assembly at the request of Algeria, Finland, Namibia, Poland, Singapore and Venezuela (A/55/235).

The General Assembly considered the item at its fifty-seventh to sixty-first sessions (resolutions 57/144, 57/145, 58/3, 58/16, 58/291, 59/27, 59/57, 59/145, 59/291, 59/314, 60/265, 60/283and 61/244 to 61/246 and decision 61/562).

At its resumed sixty-second session, in June 2008, the General Assembly encouraged Member States to participate actively in the Global Forum on Migration and Development; and requested the Secretary-General to report to the Assembly at its sixty-third session on the implementation of the resolution (resolution 62/270).

At the same session, in September 2008, the General Assembly decided that the intergovernmental work of the Assembly on system-wide coherence would focus exclusively and in an integrated manner on “Delivering as one” at country and regional levels, harmonization of business practices, funding, governance, and gender equality and the empowerment of women; requested the Secretary-General to provide to Member States substantive papers on the issues of funding and governance with a view to facilitating substantive action by the Assembly within the sixty-third session; and also requested the Secretary-General to provide a further, detailed modalities paper in respect of the options set out in the Deputy Secretary-General’s paper of 23 July 2008, with a view to facilitating substantive action by the Assembly within the sixty-third session (resolution 62/277).

Also at the same session, the General Assembly called upon its relevant bodies and subsidiary organs to continue improving the implementation of mandates and addressing the continuing validity of legislative decisions and the effective coordination among units of the Secretariat and other structures of the United Nations system (resolution 62/278).


References for the sixtieth session (agenda items 46 and 120)
References for the sixty-second session (agenda item 116)

Source: A/63/100

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