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I. Organizational, administrative and other matters

Cooperation between the United Nations and the Latin American Economic System

The item was included in the agenda of the forty-second session of the General Assembly, in 1987, at the request of Bolivia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay (A/42/192 and A/42/192/Add.1 and A/42/1922/Add.2).  

The General Assembly considered this item at its forty-second to fiftieth, fifty-second, fifty-fourth, fifty-sixth, fifty-seventh and fifty-ninth sessions (resolutions 42/12, 43/5, 44/4, 45/5, 46/12, 47/13, 48/22, 49/6, 50/14, 52/3, 54/8, 56/98, 57/39 and 59/258).  

At its resumed fifty-fifth session, in September 2001, the General Assembly decided that the cooperation item should be biennialized, starting at the fifty-seventh session (resolution 55/285).  


References for the sixty-first session (agenda item 108 (l))

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Source: A/63/100