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I. Cooperation between the United Nations and regional and other organizations

Cooperation between the United Nations and the African Union

The question of the cooperation between the United Nations and the Organization of the African Unity (OAU) was first considered by the General Assembly at its twentieth session, in 1965 (resolution 2011 (XX)).

At the twenty-first, twenty-fourth and twenty-sixth sessions, the question of cooperation between the two organizations continued to be considered by the General Assembly, but it was focused on specific areas (resolutions 2193 (XXI), 2505 (XXIV) and 2863 (XXVI).

At its twenty-seventh to fifty-seventh sessions, the General Assembly considered the question annually in the broader context of cooperation between OAU, now the African Union, on the one hand, and the United Nations, the specialized agencies and other organizations within the United Nations system on the other (resolutions 2962 (XXVII), 3066 (XXVIII), 3280 (XXIX), 3412 (XXX), 31/13, 32/19, 33/27, 34/21, 35/117, 36/80, 37/15, 38/5, 39/8, 40/20, 41/8, 42/9, 43/12, 44/17, 45/13, 46/20, 47/148, 48/25, 49/64, 50/158, 51/151, 52/20, 53/91, 54/94, 55/218, 56/48 and 57/48).

At its sixty-first session, the General Assembly welcomed the efforts to enhance cooperation within the framework of a partnership between the peace and security structures of the United Nations and the African Union in the realm of conflict prevention and resolution, crisis management, peacekeeping and post-conflict peacebuilding in Africa; called upon the United Nations system to support the African Union and its member States in their efforts to implement the internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals; and requested the Secretary-General to report to the Assembly at its sixty-third session on the implementation of the resolution (61/296).


References for the sixty-first session (agenda item 108 (a)

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Source: A/63/100

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