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A. Maintenance of international peace and security

Zone of peace and cooperation of the South Atlantic

This item was included in the agenda of the forty-first session of the General Assembly, in 1986, at the request of Brazil (A/41/143 and Corr.1).

The General Assembly considered the question at its forty-first to sixtieth sessions (resolutions 41/11, 42/16, 43/23, 44/20, 45/36, 46/19, 47/74, 48/23, 49/26, 50/18, 51/19, 52/14, 53/34, 54/35, 55/49, 56/7, 58/10 and 60/509).

At its fifty-fifth session, the General Assembly decided to consider the item biennially as from the fifty-sixth session (resolution 55/285).

At its sixtieth session, the General Assembly decided: (a) to defer consideration of the item to its sixty-first session; and (b) to maintain biennial consideration of the item thereafter (decision 60/509).

At its sixty-first session, the General Assembly requested the Secretary-General to submit a report to the Assembly at its sixty-third session, taking into account the views expressed by Member States (resolution 61/294).


References for the sixtieth session (agenda item 16)
References for the sixty-first session (agenda item 15)
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Source: A/63/100