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A. Maintenance of international peace and security

Report of the Peacebuilding Commission

The Peacebuilding Commission was established on 20 December 2005 by resolutions of the General Assembly (resolution 60/180) and the Security Council (resolutions 1645 (2005) and 1646 (2005)).

At its sixtieth session, the General Assembly decided, acting concurrently with the Security Council, with a view to operationalizing the decision by the 2005 World Summit (resolution 60/1, para. 97), to establish the Peacebuilding Commission:

  1.  to bring together all relevant actors to marshal resources and to advise on and propose integrated strategies for post-conflict peacebuilding and recovery;
  2. to focus attention on the reconstruction and institution-building efforts necessary for recovery from conflict and to support the development of integrated strategies in order to lay the foundation for sustainable development; and
  3. to provide recommendations and information to improve the coordination of all relevant actors within and outside the United Nations, to develop best practices, to help to ensure predictable financing for early recovery activities and to extend the period of attention given by the international community to post-conflict recovery; decided that the Commission should submit an annual report to the General Assembly and that the Assembly should hold an annual debate to review the report; and also decided to include in the provisional agenda of its sixty-first session an item entitled “Report of the Peacebuilding Commission” (resolution 60/180).

On 20 December 2005, the Security Council decided that the annual report referred to in paragraph 15 of Council resolution1645(2005) should also be submitted to the Council for an annual debate (Security Council resolution 1646 (2005)).

The Peacebuilding Commission, which has 31 members, opened its first session on 23 June 2006. Three countries, Burundi, Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone, referred by the Security Council, are now under consideration by the Commission.

At its sixty-second session, the General Assembly considered the report of the Peacebuilding Commission on its first session (A/62/137-S/2007/458). See also item 103 (Report of the Secretary-General on the Peacebuilding Fund).

At the same session, under agenda item 128 (Programme budget for the biennium 2008-2009), the General Assembly endorsed the conclusions and recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (A/62/7/Add.33) regarding the financing of field missions of the Peacebuilding Commission (resolution 62/245, sect. II).


References for the sixtieth session (agenda items 46 and 120)
References for the sixty-second session (agenda item 10)

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Source: A/63/100

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