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A. Maintenance of international peace and security

Armed Israeli aggression against the Iraqi nuclear installations and its grave consequences for the established international system concerning the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and international peace and security

This item was included in the agenda of the thirty-sixth session of the General Assembly, in 1981, at the request of 43 Member States (A/36/194 and A/36/194/Add.1 and A/36/194/Add.2).

The General Assembly considered the item at its thirty-sixth to forth-first sessions (resolutions 36/27, 37/18, 38/9, 39/14, 40/6 and 41/12).

At its forty-second to fifty-eighth sessions, the General Assembly decided to defer consideration of the item and to include it in the provisional agenda of its subsequent session (decisions 42/463, 43/463, 44/470, 45/430, 46/442, 47/464, 48/436, 49/474, 50/444, 51/433, 52/431, 53/426, 54/425, 55/431, 56/450, 57/519 and 58/527).

At its resumed fifty-eighth session in July 2004, the General Assembly decided that, with effect from the fifth-ninth session, this item should remain on the agenda for consideration upon notification by a Member State (resolution 58/316, annex, para. 4 (b)).

No advance documentation is expected.

References for the fifty-eighth session (agenda items 34 and 55)

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Source: A/63/100

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