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A. Maintenance of international peace and security

The situation in Central America: progress in fashioning a region of peace, freedom, democracy and development

The item entitled “The situation in Central America: threats to international peace and security and peace initiatives” was included in the agenda of the thirty-eighth session of the General Assembly, in 1983, at the request of the Government of Nicaragua (A/38/242).

The General Assembly considered the question at its thirty-eighth to forty-sixth sessions (resolutions 38/10 and 39/4, decision 40/470, and resolutions 41/37, 42/1, 43/24, 44/10, 45/15 and 46/109 A and B). At its forty-seventh session, the Assembly decided to include in the provisional agenda of its forty-eighth session an item entitled “The situation in Central America: procedures for the establishment of a firm and lasting peace and progress in fashioning a region of peace, freedom, democracy and development” (resolution 47/118). The Assembly also considered the item at its forty-eighth to fifty-eighth sessions (resolutions 48/161, 49/137, 50/132, 51/197, 52/176, 53/94, 54/118, 55/178, 56/224, 57/160 and 58/117).

At its fifty-eighth session, the General Assembly decided that this item would be considered every two years (resolution 58/239).

At its sixtieth session, the General Assembly, on the proposal of Nicaragua and noting the progress achieved in the region, decided that the item should remain on the agenda of the Assembly, beginning with the sixty-first session, for consideration upon notification by a Member State (decision 60/508).

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References for the fifty-eighth session (agenda item 13)

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Source: A/63/100

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