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A. Maintenance of international peace and security

The situation in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan

This item was included in the agenda of the fifty-ninth session of the General Assembly, in 2004, at the request of Azerbaijan and Turkey (A/59/236 and Add.1).
At its fifty-ninth and sixty-first sessions, the General Assembly decided to defer consideration of the item and to include it in the draft agenda of its subsequent session (decisions 59/571 and 61/564). The Assembly considered the question at its sixtieth session (resolution 60/285).
At its sixty-second session, the General Assembly called upon Member States and international and regional organizations and arrangements to effectively contribute, within their competence, to the process of settlement of the conflict; and requested the Secretary-General to submit to it at its sixty-third session a comprehensive report on the implementation of its resolution (resolution 62/243).


References for the sixty-second session (agenda item 20)

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Source: A/63/100