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H. E. Mr. Lech Kaczyński, President

24 September 2008

Statement Summary

LECH KACZYŃSKI, President of Poland, said that overcoming the different crises that had arisen in the past year could not be achieved without drawing upon “such universal values as democracy, freedom and solidarity”.  Although the food crisis and its consequences was currently the largest global challenge, Poland also appreciated the initiative to combine that debate with discussions on the need to “democratize the United Nations”.  Hunger and poverty could only be eliminated and stable development of the poorest countries ensured through a democratic and effectively functioning United Nations, he said.

The words “one state one vote”, he said, expressed the fundamental principles that should govern democratic management within the United Nations, in which each State would participate in decision-making and the Assembly would remain the most important forum for democratic debate.  Additionally, he advocated a quicker pace for reforms of the Security Council.

Recalling the principles enshrined in the International Declaration of Human Rights, he lamented that the international community was still falling short of achieving the commitments to fight hunger and poverty as constituted in the Millennium Declaration.  Joint efforts should be made to produce concrete solutions implemented in a timely manner.  In that respect, Poland would host the fourteenth Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Poznan this December.

Turning to issues of energy and international security, he expressed concern at the developments in Georgia, and said that ensuring energy security for Europe would depend on diversified sources of supply, transparent rules regulating trade and an extended transport infrastructure.  Additionally, he had witnessed the “illegal military aggression and division” of Georgia and fundamental principles of international law being infringed.  “We cannot allow the relativization of international law,” he said.  “If we do this, it will have no positive impact.”

He also pointed to Poland’s participation in an anti-terrorism coalition, with more than 3,500 Polish troops in Africa, the Balkans, Middle East and Asia.  He expressed concern for the lack of stability in the Middle East, and said that an independent Palestinian State should be built for the benefit of Palestinians and Israelis alike.  Afghanistan also remained a challenge, but was bound to end in a military success and a success for the Afghan people to improve their daily living.

[Source: GA/10751]


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