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H. E. Mr. Nur Uulu Dosbol, State Secretary

September 2008

Statement Summary

NUR UULU DOSBOL, State Secretary of Kyrgyzstan, said that collective efforts made at this Assembly session could help countries achieve the Millennium Development Goals.  With the rapid changes occurring today, the work of the United Nations was even more important.  The issue of reform was crucial as a vehicle towards guaranteeing international peace, and as a response to existing problems.  Strengthening the Security Council was necessary to help preserve international order and calm.  He advocated expansion of the Council and said reform had to include universality and fair representation.  Kyrgyzstan would continue to maintain peace and security.

The rapid changes in the world had not bypassed the Kyrgyz Republic.  Climate change and the food and energy crises had highlighted the importance of collective efforts, and had strengthened the role of the United Nations and other international organizations in working out effective mechanisms to reach solutions.  Kyrgyzstan faced the consequences of global warming, such as water scarcity.  Environmental deregulation had led to recurring earthquakes, landslides and flooding.  The country had storage sites for nuclear waste and this created a threat to regional and international security, he said.

Turning to other issues, he said the maintenance of radioactive waste storage sights was a priority for the country.  He called for financial and technical assistance to ensure their security.  Kyrgyzstan wanted a nuclear free zone in Central Asia, and wanted to achieve global and regional security.  The international community was going through a complex period and Member States had to seek practical solutions to the most pressing problems of this time.  It was even more important to strengthen the United Nations.  He hoped the current Assembly session proved to be a session of reform.

[Source: GA/10758]


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