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H.E. Mr. Sergei Stanishev, Prime Minister

26 September 2008

Statement Summary

SERGEI STANISHEV, Prime Minister of Bulgaria, affirmed his country’s commitment to the United Nations mandate, and its realignment to the European Union.  Bulgaria was preparing to host a summit, “Gas for Europe:  A New Transregional Partnership and Project”, which would bring together Heads of State and Government from South East Europe, the Black Sea and Caspian Region, Central Asia, the European Union and the United States, to encourage dialogue on energy and other strategic interests.

He observed that peace and stability began at local levels, and translated into regional, subregional and transborder cooperation, which then built towards comprehensive collective security systems.  To that end, Bulgaria had taken leadership in the South East European Cooperation Process, which aimed for continued recovery from a war-torn region into a thriving and dynamic one.  That regional cooperation would need the involvement of the European Union and the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) regarding the issue of Kosovo.

He also said that Bulgaria supported the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia, and rendered its full support to the peacemaking process of the European Union in the Black Sea region.  Stating that conflict prevention and development were inextricably linked, he committed Bulgaria’s resources and efforts to any regional centre for United Nations mediation and a Bulgaria/UNDP regional hub in the Western Balkan and Black Sea region.

He concluded that stable peace and security would only be achieved through the reform of the United Nations, and through assistance for Member States’ development.  Solidarity with those in need, especially developing countries, was an important principle of Bulgaria’s foreign policy, and part of its development as a donor State in the European Union.  He, therefore, urged the Member States to accelerate the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, and to strengthen solidarity with developing countries.

[Source: GA/10756]


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