Message from UN Women’s Executive Director

International Women’s Day 2018

Secretary-General's message

International Women’s Day 2017

What is the real value of unpaid work?

Around the world, women do the vast majority of the unpaid work, including child care, cooking, cleaning and farming. This unpaid work is essential for households and economies to function, but it is also valued less than paid work.

Beyond Tanganyika | 360° VR experience

Step into UN Women’s first virtual reality experience!

Morroco: The Two-Sheep Solution

In a region where women still struggle to close the gender gap, Morocco stands out. In the past ten years it has enacted laws to eliminate discrimination against women and guarantee gender equality. But how do these laws make a difference in remote rural areas? It could be as simple as buying two sheep.

Republic of the Congo: A garden for hope

After a vicious ten-year war which has left a devastated people, courageous women are now taking the lead to rebuild - from a vegetable farm to the whole country.