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International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
2 December


Lured by a job, trapped in forced labour!


It's time to ratify the ILO's Forced Labour Protocol


Jada Pinkett Smith: End Slavery Now!

Today, 21 million women, men and children are trapped in slavery all over the world. Jada Pinkett Smith has teamed up with the ILO and its new campaign End Slavery Now, and so can you! More information

21 million trapped in modern slavery

Modern slavery, forced labour, still traps more than 20 million people around the world in different forms including debt bondage, forced begging, or trafficking. According to Beate Andrees, Head of the ILO's Special Action Programme to Combat Forced Labour, one of the main problems in the fight against modern slavery is how to identify victims of this crime. The ILO plays a key role in training institutions to take legislative action that enable societies to implement and enforce laws that make modern slavery a crime.

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