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World Press Freedom Day
3 May

2012 Theme:
New Voices: Media Freedom Helping to Transform Societies

a group of women chanting

Women chant and raise Libyan flags in the city
of Msallata, Libya.
Credit: UN Photo/Iason Foounten

The recent uprisings in some Arab States have highlighted the power of the media, the human quest for freedom of expression and the confluence of press freedom and freedom of expression through various traditional and new media.

This has given rise to an unprecedented level of media freedom. New media have enabled civil society, young people and communities to bring about massive social and political transformations by self-organizing, and engaging the global youth in the fight to be able to freely express themselves and the aspirations of their wider communities.

Yet, media freedom is fragile, and it is also not yet within the reach of everyone. Furthermore, as more reporting is transmitted online, more and more online journalists including bloggers are being harnessed, attacked and even killed for their work.

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