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World Philosophy Day
17 November 2016

"Philosophy is more than an academic subject; it is a daily practice that helps people to live in a better, more humane way."

Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO

sphere within a sphere sculptureA sculpture, entitled "Sphere within a Sphere" by Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro, presented as a gift to the United Nations by Italy. UN Photo

World Philosophy Day was introduced in 2002 by UNESCO to honour philosophical reflection in the entire world by opening up free and accessible spaces. Its objective is to encourage the peoples of the world to share their philosophical heritage and to open their minds to new ideas, as well as to inspire a public debate between intellectuals and civil society on the challenges confronting our society.

In 2005 the UNESCO General Conference proclaimedPDF document that World Philosophy Day would be celebrated every third Thursday of November.

UNESCO leads World Philosophy Day – but does not own it. It belongs to everyone, everywhere, who cares about philosophy.

This year’s programme falls in line with the International Day for Tolerance celebrated on 16 November 2016. In this context, events for World Philosophy Day will highlight the need for new philosophy practices in today’s world, encourage dialogue on the connections with tolerance and explore new ways to increase accessibility of philosophical teaching and learning.

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