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Uniting Against Terrorism
Recommendations for a global counter-terrorism strategy
(Report of the Secretary-General, 2006)

In the background is a photo of the General Assembly - in front are the following words: Uniting against terrorism - recommendations for a global counter-terrorism strategy - below this is a quote from then-Secretary-General Kofi Annan, which reads: My recommendations for a strategy seeks to both guide and unite us by emphasizing operational elements of dissuasion, denial, deterrence, development of State capacity and defence of human rights

As a result of the increase in violent attacks against civilians and United Nations personnel, along with the heightened focus of Member States on this threat, terrorism has become one of the main peace and security agendas of the UN Secretary-General.

In 2006, Secretary-General Kofi Annan presented a report to the General Assembly: "Uniting against terrorism: recommendations for a global counter-terrorism strategy".

In presenting the report, the Secretary-General said he hoped for a collective global effort to fight terrorism -- an effort bringing together Governments, the United Nations and other international organizations, civil society and the private sector -- each using their comparative advantage to supplement the others’ efforts. The five fundamental components of his global counter-terrorism strategy were:

•Dissuading people from resorting to terrorism or supporting it;

•Denying terrorists the means to carry out an attack;

•Deterring States from supporting terrorism;

•Developing State capacity to defeat terrorism, and;

•Defending human rights.


Uniting Against Terrorism - Recommendations for a global counter-terrorism strategy


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