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World Maritime Day
29 September

"The human element in shipping will be increasingly important as the industry moves towards ever higher standards of safety, environmental impact and sustainability, and seeks to do its part to implement the new Sustainable Development Goals."

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Piracy trainingThe fight to prevent and suppress these acts is linked to the measures to improve security on ships and in port faciltiies, adopted in December 2002. ©IMO/EUNavfor

World Maritime Day 2015
Maritime education and training

The theme for World Maritime Day 2015 is "Maritime education and training". The theme was adopted to focus attention on the wider spectrum of maritime education and training, in particular its adequacy and quality, as the bedrock of a safe and secure shipping industry, which needs to preserve the quality, practical skills and competence of qualified human resources, in order to ensure its sustainability.

The 1978 STCW Convention and Code, as amended, set the international benchmark for the training and education of seafarers. While compliance with its standards is essential for serving on board ships, the skills and competence of seafarers, and indeed, the human element ashore, can only be adequately underpinned, updated and maintained through effective maritime education and training. 

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