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Nelson Mandela International Day, July 18
For freedom, justice and democracy

Photo Gallery of the 2012 Commemorative Events

the general assembly chamber

Informal meeting of the UN General Assembly: “Building a Caring World - Nelson Mandela's Vision”

UN Photo

the general assembly chamber man standing at lectern speaking man standing at lectern speaking audience man standing at lectern speaking woman standing at lectern speaking A woman and a man singing to an audience Mandela Corner street sign volunteers holding postcards volunteer holding postcards man handing a postcard to another man people being given postcards woman reading a postcard volunteers in a kitchen listening to instructions woman preparing salad woman standing at sink women preparing food women preparing food children in classroom listening to a teacher children drawing on paper boy drawing on paper children drawing on paper close-up of child's hand drawing on paper back view of children girl holding up a drawing with the words Be Nice written on it children hading their drawings to people on the sidewalk