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» Forest Policies in Rwanda, United States and Gambia Win UN-backed Awards (21 September 2011) [LINK]

» Future Policy Award Crowns World’s Best Forest Policies
(21 September 2011) [LINK]

» UN Secretary-General Plants Symbol of Peace (9 September 2011) [LINK]

» Trees “Speak Out” in UN Writing Competition to Save Forests
(12 August 2011) [LINK]

» Le Monde, Alain Corbin, historien perché dans les arbres
(5 May 2011) [LINK]

» United Nations Forum on Forests, Concluding Ninth Session, Urges Use of International Year to Raise Awareness about Forest Benefits
(4 February 2011) [LINK]

» United Nations Forum Adopts Ministerial Declaration Expressing Commitment to Better Highlight Role of Forests in Economic, Social Development (3 February 2011) [LINK]

» 2011 International Year of Forests Creates Platform to Educate about Forests’ Value — Social, Environmental Costs of Losing Them, Secretary-General Says (2 February 2011) [LINK]

» World Leaders, Environment Experts Call for Sustainable Forest Management as United Nations Forum Launches International Year, 2011 (2 February 2011) [LINK]

» United Nations Forum on Forests Meets Ahead of High-Level Segment to Hear Briefings by Working Groups Chairs (2 February 2011) [LINK]

» United Nations to Launch International Year of Forests, 2011, As Forum Holds High-Level Ministerial Segment at Headquarters,
(1 February 2011) [LINK]

» Under-Secretary-General Calls for ‘People-Centred’ Approach to Managing Forest Lands as Forum Begins Ninth Session at Headquarters (24 January 2011) [LINK]