Welcome to the United Nations. It's your world.

Join the party!

All human rights belong to each and every one of us without exception. They unite us as one global family.

A family with the same ideals and values, and with a shared birthday – Human Rights Day.

Join us in celebrating this day when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created.

Make a wish (from the list below) that everyone can enjoy these rights. 

Celebrate Human Rights

To make your wish, go to www.CelebrateHumanRights.org

My wish is....Celebrate Human Rights cake

  1. that we are all free and equal
  2. for an end to discrimination
  3. the right to life, liberty & security for all
  4. abolish slavery
  5. abolish torture
  6. that everyone is protected by the law
  7. that we are all equal before the law
  8. access to justice for all
  9. an end to arbitrary detention
  10. that everybody has the right to a fair trial
  11. we are all innocent until proven guilty
  12. we all have a right to privacy
  13. we are all free to live in and return to our home countries
  14. everybody has access to refuge in a safe country
  15. everyone has a right to a nationality
  16. the right to marriage and family for all
  17. everyone has the right to own property
  18. freedom of thought, conscience and belief for all
  19. the right to freedom of expression and opinion for all
  20. to peaceful assembly
  21. that everyone has a right to participate in government
  22. the right to universal social security
  23. equal pay for equal work for all
  24. the right to rest and leisure for all
  25. food, shelter and health care for all
  26. the right to an education for all
  27. the right to the arts, culture, and science
  28. for a fair and free world
  29. to develop as a person through work in the community
  30. that no one can take away my rights