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World Humanitarian Day
19 August

Secretary-General's Message for 2010

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On World Humanitarian Day, we renew our commitment to life-saving relief efforts — and remember those who died while serving this noble cause.

People who have lived through terrible events are often left with nothing.

No family; no food; no shelter; no job.

Not even a passport or ID paper.


Humanitarian workers help them get back on their feet to restart their lives.

Aid workers are the envoys we send to show our solidarity with suffering.

They represent what is best in human nature.  But their work is dangerous.

Often, they venture to some of the most perilous places on earth.

And often, they pay a heavy price.  Harassment and intimidation.  Kidnapping and even murder.

January’s earthquake in Haiti was a humanitarian catastrophe for the country.

It also had a devastating impact on aid workers.

The United Nations lost some of its most dedicated staff on that day.

On World Humanitarian Day, let us remember those in need…

Those who have fallen while trying to help them…

And those who continue to give aid, undeterred by the dangers they face — for the sake of building a safer, better world.

Ban Ki-moon

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