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International Day of Cooperatives
6 July

"We live in a time of global uncertainty. Over the course of the ongoing global financial and economic crises, financial cooperatives have proven their strength and resilience, benefitting members, employees and customers."

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

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Theme for 2013: Cooperative enterprise remains strong in time of crisis

In 1992, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed, in its resolution 47/90 of 16 December 1992, the International Day of Cooperatives to be celebrated annually on the first Saturday of July.

The aim of this International Day is to:

This year's theme Cooperatives are making a difference in times of financial, food, and environmental crisis confronting societies around the world. Financial cooperatives have demonstrated their strength in a time when many financial institutions are failing.  In addition, agricultural cooperatives have demonstrated their importance to achieving food security.   Furthermore, cooperatives have been recognized by Rio+20 for their role in sustainable development in the context of environmental crisis.

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