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International Year of Chemistry, 2011

Global experiment aims to break record for International Year of Chemistry

The Global Chemistry Experiment, entitled “Water: A chemical solution”, asks primary and secondary school pupils to carry out experiments on water quality (testing its salinity and acidity, learning how to filter and distil it) so that children of all ages learn to appreciate the need to treat this vital resource. Once the tests have been completed, the children will be able to enter the results onto an interactive map on a specially created website. The experiment could become the largest chemistry experiment ever undertaken.

The second initiative, the Visualisation of Climate Change Project, is aimed at high school and college students throughout the world. Through 13 interactive lessons, young people will be encouraged to gain a better understanding of the scientific phenomena underlying climate change and their effects on the environment and to evaluate the human contribution to this phenomenon. A website with videos and the results of practical experiments will gather together the various resources for this initiative.