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Ethics office

Protection Against Retaliation

Protection measures

Staff members who make a report of misconduct, or who cooperate with an audit or investigation, have the right to be protected from retaliation.

Interim Protection Measures

If the Ethics Office makes a prima facie finding of retaliation during its preliminary review, the Ethics Office may recommend that interim protection measures be implemented until the resulting investigation is completed. Such measures may include the temporary suspension of the action alleged to be retaliatory, such as a non-renewal of contract, or the temporary reassignment of the complainant to another office.

Final Protection Measures

If the Ethics Office determines that retaliation has been established after the investigation is completed, the Ethics Office may recommend that the negative consequences suffered by the staff member be corrected. Relevant measures may include the rescission of the retaliatory action or decision, or the transfer of the staff member to another office or function. As retaliation violates UN rules, the Ethics Office may also recommend that disciplinary action be taken against the retaliator.

If you have any questions concerning the protection against retaliation policy, please call our Helpline: +1-917-367-9858 or email us: ethicsoffice@un.org.

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