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Role and functions

To enable a coordinated and focused dialogue with key stakeholders on the objectives and agenda of the preparatory process for the high-level biennial DCF, the Under-Secretary-General of UNDESA has established an informal Advisory Group for the Forum.

A key role of members is to promote active involvement of influential stakeholders, experts, think tanks and networks in different regions in the preparations for the DCF. Members are also expected to promote partnerships with other related organizations in support of the Forum's mandate.

With the aim of advising the Under-Secretary-General on the preparatory process for the Forum, the Advisory Group is expected to assist with regard to the following tasks:

  • Position the DCF by suggesting how to foster coherence between the policy agenda of the Forum and other related fora;
  • Ensure analytical standards by promoting high quality substantive inputs and strong involvement of senior staff and networks of their respective institutions in the preparation and organization of the Forum. In addition, the members will help in coordinating the substantive contributions of different institutions and networks;
  • Garner participation by fostering ownership of key stakeholders of the Forum's objectives and strategies and by suggesting ways to make the DCF a truly participatory and inclusive initiative;
  • Promote advocacy and networking by raising awareness of the Forum's objectives and agenda among various stakeholders and networks, and periodically keep members of those partners and networks abreast of progress of the preparatory process. This will also involve facilitating dialogue and networking with other interested stakeholders on issues of importance for the Forum.