ECOSOC Coordination Segment 2006

“Sustained economic growth for social development, including poverty eradication and hunger”

6 July - 10 July 2006

Palais des Nations, Geneva

The coordination segment provided an opportunity to review approaches currently pursue to ensure that economic growth is accompanied by social development. It also provided a platform for a debate on how the United Nations system as a whole can contribute more effective to this objective. During the coordination segment participants exchanged the lessons learned from the analysis and the implementation of such approaches and discussed concrete action which need to be taken at the national and international level to ensure that sustained economic growth translates into poverty reduction. For a summary of the general debate of the coordination segment please click here.

A panel discussion was held in the course of the session to enrich the discussion on this theme. In addition panel discussions on “Avian Flu emergency" and the "Contribution of the Functional Commissions and other Council's subsidiary bodies to the implementation of the internationally agreed development goals and to the work of ECOSOC in promoting integrated and coordinated implementation" were held.

The resolution adopted at the conclusion of the segment encourages the UN system to address the social impact of development policies and the role it can play supporting national efforts to ensure that growth contributes to the realization of the development agenda.