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2006 ECOSOC Reports

SymbolTitleAgenda ItemDate
Implementation of the Programme of Action for the Least Developed Countries for the Decade 2001-2010 6(b) 25 May 2006
International cooperation in the field of informatics - Report of the Secretary-General 7(c) 02 June 2006
Strengthening of the coordination of emergency humanitarian assistance of the United Nations- Report of the Secretary-General 5 02 June 2006
Summary by the President of the Economic and Social Council of the special high-level meeting of the Council with the Bretton Woods institutions, the World Trade Organization and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 6(a) 15 May 2006
A/61/25(SUPP) Report of the Global Ministerial Environment forum of the United Nation Environment Programme on its ninth special session 13(e) 01 January 2006
E/2005/99(SUPP) Resolutions and Decisions of the Economic and Social Council 13(e) 04 May 2006
E/2006/1 Proposed Basic Programme of Work of the Council for 2006 and 2007 : Note by the Secretary-General 3 07 February 2006
E/2006/100 Annotated provisional agenda 1 24 March 2006
E/2006/13 Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation on the living conditions of the Palestinian people in the occupied Palestinian territory, including Jerusalem, and of the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan - Note by the Secretary-General 11 03 May 2006
E/2006/14 Annual report of the Executive Director of the World Food Programme for 2005 - Note by the Secretary-General 3(b) 20 March 2006
E/2006/15 Regional cooperation in the economic, social and related fields - Report of the Secretary-General 10 01 May 2006
E/2006/15/ADD.1 Addendum to the report of the Secretary-General on regional cooperation in the economic, social and related fields 10 31 May 2006
E/2006/15/Add.1 Regional cooperation in the economic, social and related fields - Report of the Secretary-General (Addendum) 10 30 May 2006
E/2006/16 Economic trends, as well as risks and opportunities, for the economies in the Economic Commission for Europe region 10 25 April 2006
E/2006/17 Overview of the Economic Report on Africa 2006: "Recent economic trends in Africa and prospects for 2006" 10 26 April 2006
E/2006/18 Summary of the economic and social survey of Asia and the Pacific, 2006 10 25 April 2006
E/2006/19 Latin America and the Caribbean: economic situation and outlook, 2005-2006 10 25 April 2006
E/2006/2/ADD.1 Elections, Nominations, Confirmations and Appointments Agenda - Addendum 4 09 March 2006
E/2006/20 Summary of the survey of economic and social developments in the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia region, 2005-2006 10 27 April 2006
E/2006/21 Application of an intergovernmental organization for observer status with the Economic and Social Council - Letter dated 7 March 2006 from the Secretary-General of the Ramsar Convention secretariat, the representative of Uganda and Chairman of the Standing Committee and the representative of the Bahamas and Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee addressed to the President of the Economic and Social Council 1 11 April 2006
E/2006/22, E/C.12/2005/5 Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights : report on the 34th and 35th sessions, 25 April-13 May 2005, 7-25 November 2005 14(g) 06 June 2006
E/2006/23 Report of the Commission on Human Rights on its sixty-second session 14(g) 01 June 2006
E/2006/24(SUPP) Statistical Commission 13(c) 27 March 2006
E/2006/25(SUPP) Report of the Commission on Population and Development on its thirty-ninth session 13(f) 22 May 2006
E/2006/26(SUPP) Commission for Social Development 14(b) 29 March 2006
E/2006/27(SUPP) Commission on the Status of Women 14(a) 03 April 2006
E/2006/28 Commission on Narcotic Drugs : report of the 49th session (8 December 2005 and 13-17 March 2006) 14(d) 19 April 2006
E/2006/29(SUPP), E/CN.17/2006/15(SUPP) Commission on Sustainable Development : report of the 14th session (22 April 2005 and 1-12 May 2006) 13(a) 07 June 2006
E/2006/30 (SUPP) Report of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice on its fifteenth session 14(c) 19 May 2006
E/2006/31(SUPP) Report of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development on its ninth session 13(b) 05 June 2006
E/2006/32(PARTI) Report of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations on its 2006 regular session 12 24 February 2006
E/2006/32(PartII) Report of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations on its resumed 2006 session : New York, 10-19 May 2006 12 19 June 2006
E/2006/33(SUPP) Committee for Development Policy -- Report on the eighth session 2 25 April 2006
E/2006/34(PARTI), E/ICEF/2006/5(PARTI) Report of the Executive Board of the United Nations Children's Fund on the work of its 2006 first regular session