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The role of the Economic and Social Council in the integrated and coordinated implementation of the outcomes of and follow-up to major United Nations conferences and summits, in light of General Assembly resolutions 50/227, 52/12B and 57/270B - Report of the Secretary-General
Description:At the 2005 World Summit, world leaders committed themselves to the full and timely implementation of the internationally agreed development goals, recognizing that the MDGs can be effectively achieved only if pursued in conjunction with the outcomes of the major UN conferences and summits. By embracing a broad vision of development based on the outcomes of the major UN conferences and summits, the summit has given renewed political impetus to, and has deepened the significance of, the integrated and coordinated follow-up of the conferences. The September Summit has also provided ECOSOC with two major new instrumentalities to advance this process?the Annual Ministerial substantive Reviews (AMR) and the Development Cooperation Forum (DCF). To fully capitalize on the new opportunities, ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies would have to align their work with these new, expanded functions. The present report will identify measures that could be taken by the subsidiary bodies of ECOSOC to strengthen their contribution to the integrated follow-up of major UN conferences and summits.
Agenda Item: Implementation of and follow-up to major international United Nations conferences and summits (6), Implementation of General Assembly resolutions 50/227, 52/12 B and 57/270 B (8), Economic and environmental questions (13), Social and human rights questions (14)
Issue Date: 21 June 2006
ODS Symbol:E/2006/84, A/61/90