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Regional cooperation in the economic, social and related fields - Report of the Secretary-General
Description:The present report provides an update to the Economic and Social Council on the perspectives and developments in regional cooperation and the work of the regional commissions in relevant areas since the Council?s substantive session of 2005, pursuant to the guidance contained in annex III to Council resolution 1998/46 of 31 July 1998. The 2005 World Summit, which closely engaged the commissions, served as a main reference point for the report. The commissions provided inputs for the Summit?s preparation and participated in the follow-up to its outcome as part of the Organizationwide response. In section I, the report reviews the regional dimension of global issues and the global dimension of regional issues as contained in the report of the executive secretaries, which is submitted to the Council in accordance with General Assembly resolution 1823 (XVII) and Council resolution 1817 (LV). That section also provides an update on the role and contributions of the commissions to support the implementation of the internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium
Development Goals, and reflects developments regarding effective linkages among the regional commissions and their institutional partners at the country, regional and global levels. In line with Council decision 2004/323 of 11 November 2004, providing for a dialogue between the executive secretaries of the regional commissions and the Council, and to facilitate the dialogue as a continuation of discussions in the high-level segment of the substantive session of the Council, an analytical presentation of the regional dimension of creating an environment conducive to generating full and
productive employment and decent work for all, and its impact on sustainable development, is submitted in section II.

The resolutions and decisions adopted by the regional commissions during the period under review that require action by the Council or are brought to its attention will be contained in an addendum to the present report (E/2006/15/Add.1).

The summaries of the economic surveys and trends in the five regions are provided to the Council for its consideration. The annual reports of the regional commissions are made available as background information as they address matters
relevant to the issues covered in the present report and its addendum. They are issued as supplements to the Official Records of the Economic and Social Council.
Agenda Item: Regional cooperation (10)
Issue Date: 01 May 2006
ODS Symbol:E/2006/15
  • Regional cooperation in the economic, social and related fields - Report of the Secretary-General