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Committee of Experts on Public Administration
Description:The present report contains the conclusions and recommendations of the fifth
session of the Committee of Experts on Public Administration, held at United
Nations Headquarters from 27 to 31 March 2006. The Committee, which was
established by the Economic and Social Council in its resolution 2001/45, consists of
24 experts appointed in their personal capacity for a four-year period. The
Committee dealt with the following substantive items: (a) innovations in governance
and public administration for the achievement of the internationally agreed
development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals; (b) searching for
a bottom-up approach and methodologies for developing foundations and principles
of sound public administration; (c) creation of a compendium of basic terminology in
governance and public administration; and (d) review of the activities of the United
Nations Programme in Public Administration and Finance.
Based on the discussion of the above-mentioned topics, the Committee
recommended to the Economic and Social Council a draft resolution for its
consideration and adoption. The Committee also produced a set of conclusions for
consideration by the Council, Member States and the Secretariat.
Agenda Item: Public administration and development (13(g))
Issue Date: 18 April 2006
Symbol:E/2006/44 (SUPP)
ODS Symbol:E/2006/44 ...
  • Committee of Experts on Public Administration