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Report of the Economic and Social Council Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Burundi
Description:The present report provides an update of the situation in Burundi since the
substantive session of the Council in 2005. It highlights positive developments,
including the successful holding of elections and the establishment of a duly elected
Government and Parliament. While progress has been made on the political and
security fronts, the humanitarian situation and development perspectives are of
concern. Strong international support is needed to answer basic needs of a still
extremely vulnerable population and to ensure the transition from relief to
development. In this context, the report calls for further strengthening of the
relations of the Government of Burundi with its development partners and for strong
support by donors at the conference to be held in September 2006. The report
concludes by saying that, in the post-transition phase, the consideration of
international assistance to Burundi would be better dealt with by the newly
established Peacebuilding Commission.
Agenda Item: Ad hoc advisory groups on African countries emerging from conflict (7(g))
Issue Date: 20 April 2006
ODS Symbol:E/2006/53