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Progress in the implementation of General Assembly Resolution 59/250 - Report of the Secretary-General
Description:The present report is submitted in compliance with the request of the General Assembly in paragraph 102 of resolution 59/250, in which the Assembly invited the Economic and Social Council to evaluate the implementation of the resolution.

In the course of 2005, key provisions of resolution 59/250 have received additional impetus for implementation with the World Summit and such events as the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. The present report highlights actions taken by the United Nations development system to pursue the reform of its functioning, ensuring national ownership over the assistance it provides to developing countries, making national capacity development a central goal of its development cooperation, fostering an inclusive approach in inter-agency collaboration to facilitate access by developing countries to the expertise and services available within the system, to reduce administrative and processes burden on United Nations organizations and national partners. The United Nations system is expected to play a significant role in the implementation of the internationally agreed development goals and to demonstrate its value by its positive impact on the development process of recipient countries. The organization by the Economic and Social Council of the biennial Development Cooperation Forum will be an opportunity to strengthen the commitment of the international community to support coherent and sustainable development policies.

The Council is invited to prepare the ground for the next triennial comprehensive policy review (TCPR) of operational activities for development of the United Nations system, which the Assembly will conduct in 2007, and to provide guidance thereon to the Secretary-General in preparing for the TCPR.
Agenda Item: Follow-up to policy recommendations of the General Assembly (3(a))
Issue Date: 24 April 2006
ODS Symbol:E/2006/58