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Comprehensive statistical data on operational activities for development for 2004 - Report of the Secretary-General
Description:The present report is submitted in compliance with paragraph 17 of General Assembly resolution 35/81 of 5 December 1980 and paragraph 22 of resolution 59/250 of 22 December 2004, in which the Assembly requested the Secretary-General to improve the annual statistical compendium to the operational activities segment of the Economic and Social Council, fully incorporating available and comparable statistics. It also responds to the request of the Council in resolution 2005/7 of July 2005 on operational activities to better reflect funding for operational activities for development, including a better distinction between contributions made for humanitarian assistance and for long-term development cooperation. It complements the report of the Secretary-General on the progress of the implementation of General Assembly resolution 59/250 (E/2006/xx) and it responds to General Assembly resolution 59/250, paragraph 23, that the Economic and Social Council at its substantive session of 2006 should include a comprehensive review of trends and perspectives in funding for development cooperation.

The report presents a summary analysis of the data on resources received and spent by the organizations of the United Nations system on their operational activities for 2004 and previous years. The data coverage in the present report has been broadened to include data and analysis on humanitarian assistance by United Nations organizations. The report has been refined and standardized, harmonizing with OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) conventions to the extent possible, in collaboration with the organizations of the United Nations system. The report concludes with a recommendation for improving data on operational activities for development.
Agenda Item: Follow-up to policy recommendations of the General Assembly (3(a))
Issue Date: 24 April 2006
Symbol:E/2006/59, A/61/77
ODS Symbol:E/2006/59, A/61/77