Working Papers 2006


September 2006

Globalizing Inequality: ‘Centrifugal’ and ‘Centripetal’ Forces at Work

Developing and Transition Economies in the Late 20th Century: Diverging Growth Rates, Economic Structures, and Sources of Demand

Growth with Equity in East Asia?

The Scorecard on Development: 25 Years of Diminished Progress

The Scorecard on Development: 25 Years of Diminished Progress

Achieving the Millennium Development Goals: What’s wrong with existing analytical models?

Development Aid and Economic Growth: A Positive Long-Run Relation

Real Income Stagnation of Countries, 1960-2001

Riding the Elephants: The Evolution of World Economic Growth and Income Distribution at the End of the Twentieth Century (1980-2000)


Global Income Inequality: What It Is And Why It Matters?

Openness, Inequality and Poverty in Africa

Revisiting the Revolving Door: Capital Flight from Southeast Asia


The Dual Divergence: Growth Successes and Collapses in the Developing World since 1980

Equity in Latin America Since the 1990s


The Politics of Inclusion in the Monterrey Process

GDP-Indexed Bonds: Making It Happen

Inequality and Household Economic Hardship in the United States of America


Growth is Failing the Poor: The Unbalanced Distribution of the Benefits and Costs of Global Economic Growth

Constraints to Achieving the MDGs with Scaled-Up Aid


Real Exchange Rate, Monetary Policy and Employment

Poverty and Inequality in Eastern Europe and the CIS Transition Economies

Development and Social Goals: Balancing Aid and Development to Prevent ‘Welfare Colonialism’

Evaluating Targeting Efficiency of Government Programmes: International Comparisons

What is the Most Effective Monetary Policy for Aid-Receiving Countries?

Market, Social Cohesion, and Democracy


Rural Development, Environmental Sustainability, and Poverty Alleviation: A Critique of Current Paradigms