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International migration report 2015: Highlights

This publication contains the latest quinquennial estimates of the international migrant stock for 232 countries or areas. The annex to the Highlights provides data for 2000 and 2015 on the estimated number of international migrants, the percentage of migrants in total population, the percentage of female migrants, and the median age.

International migration stock: The 2015 revision

The dataset presents estimates of international migrants by age, sex and origin.

International migration wallchart 2015

This wallchart presents the 2015 the latest estimates of international migrant stock for 232 countries or areas.

International migration flows to and from selected countries: The 2015 revision

New time series data on the flows of international migrants from 1980 to 2013 covering 45 countries.

Integrating migration into the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Population Facts No. 2015/5, December 2015

Trends in international migration, 2015

Population Facts No. 2015/4, December 2015


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