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Global Modelling Tools

DPAD's Global Monitoring Tools give users access to tools for accessing policy scenarios for the world economy and short-term projections at country level.

The World Economy Forecasting Model (WEFM)

The WEFM is used for globally consistent short-term projections at the country level.

WEFM Documentation and Training Materials

The Global Policy Model

The Global Policy Model (GPM) is a tool for investigation of policy scenarios for the world economy that has been developed for the Development Analysis and Policy Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA/DPAD). The model allows users to specify alternative assumptions about the future economic context and policy responses in different groups of countries and trace macro-economic outcomes over short, medium and long-term timescales. It is a model of the world economy design to simulate the macroeocnomic impacts on countries and regions of exogenous shocks to the global economy, the potential effects of 'sea changes' in market confidence (such as reversals in financial market confidence following asset price bubbles), changes in international regulation of trade and finance and the international spill-over effects of major policy changes in major economies. The United Nations GPM is also designed to simulate scenarios of international policy coordination.

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