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DPAD Working Papers


The international development strategy beyond 2015:
taking demographic dynamics into account


Credit to Private Sector, Interest Spread and Volatility in Credit-Flows: Do Bank Ownership and Deposits Matter?

Behavioural Factors as Emerging Main Determinants of Child Mortality in Middle-Income Countries: A Case Study of Jordan

  • Cornelia Kaldewei and Ingo Pitterle
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A Non-Parametric Microsimulation Approach
to Assess Changes in Inequality and Poverty


Can Microfinance Reduce Economic Insecurity and Poverty?
By How Much and How?

Impact of the global crisis on the achievement of the MDGs
in Latin America

Climate Policy Integration: Towards Operationalization


Should there be a coordinated response to the problem
of global imbalances? Can there be one?

Latin America and the Caribbean's Challenge to Reach the MDGs: Financing Options and Trade-offs

  • Rob Vos, Marco V Sánchez and Cornelia Kaldewei
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What we do and don't know about trade liberalization
and poverty

A growth model for a two-sector economy with endogenous productivity

Constraints to achieving the MDGs through domestic resource mobilization

  • Rob Vos, Marco Sánchez and Keiji Inoue
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Developing and Transition Economies in the Late 20th Century: Diverging Growth Rates, Economic Structures,
and Sources of Demand